Alternative Heating & Cooling Solutions

Standard mini split systems. Outside Heat pump and wall mount indoor unit is also available. Chigo SEER 20 high efficiency mini-split zone heating & zone cooling systems.

Ductless heating and cooling

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"Mini-Split Furniture", "Hidden Comfort" heating & Cooling with Ambiance.

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"Hidden Comfort" Console model

Chigo mini split systems have a SEER rating of 20. These high efficiency systems will provide you with years of home temperature comfort while saving you thousands of dollars in heating and cooling. Standard wall hung units, OR Combined with "Hidden Comfort, Mini-Split Furniture" these mini splits will provide home comfort with Ambiance. No other home product will provide you annual savings on home comfort, while also ADDING to your homes value.


Our newest product line uses High Efficiency "Heat Pumps" to provide you with not only Heat, but Cooling also.

Our mini-split systems come in the conventional wall hung designs and we also provide the newest version to hit the market, "Hidden Comfort" "Mini-Split Furniture" by Aqua Zone Comfort, LLC. These great new units provide home heating and cooling comfort, with "Ambiance". Also available in Console models with shelves and no screen, just the right height to have your Big Screen sit on top.

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