High efficiency alternative heating and coolingClick HERE to go to our newest Products Web Site . Alternative Energy Solutions provides outdoor and indoor wood boilers, zone controlled mini split systems. We're a sales agent for Aqua Zone Comforts "One Cool Fireplace". Chigo mini split ductless heating and cooling products. Contact us at Alternative Heating & Cooling Solutions, llc for more information on zone heating and cooling, with Ambiance.

Outdoor boilers for Residential & Commercial use. Coal & Wood fired.

Heat pump technology has improved so much that they work great in most parts of the country. Our newest products provide energy efficiency in zone heating & cooling. One Cool Fireplace provides home comfort with Ambiance.

Indoor boilers are all wood gasification models. They have a major difference, one requires "water storage" and the other kind doesn't. We can help you decide which works best for you.

Alternative Heating & Cooling Solutions

Indoor gasification boilers.

Residential outdoor boilers are either EPA phase II qualified, or are Multi Fuel boilers that are designed to burn coal​. We can help you choose which is right for you. Commercial use outdoor boilers can be wood, coal or wood gasification.


In early 2015 the EPA's new residential heating ruling was signed into law, it's called the New Source Performance Standard (NSPS). NSPS banned Production and sale of "Conventional Style" outdoor wood boilers for "residential" use, but we still have a great line up of "Outdoor Wood Boilers" available for Commercial use.  The NSPS did not have any impact on "Coal" fired boilers for residential use, and many of our manufactures have switched most of their production efforts over to these "Coal " boilers. Many customers have bought these outdoor multi fuel boilers and are happy with the heat produced and length of burn times using "Coal" fired outdoor wood boilers. We also have several proven models of the new high tech designs of wood gasification boilers that meet the new NSPS ruling and are EPA phase II qualified. 

    Also, We have become a supplier for Aqua Zone Comfort,llc  and their newest product line to hit the market, One Cool Fireplace & One Cool Console. This is a mini split heating and cooling system that uses "One Cool Fireplace" and One Cool Console as the beautiful indoor part of the mini split system. These mini split heating and cooling systems are like NOTHING else available on the market, the Chigo units used to build the "One Cool Fireplace" are SEER 20 rated. Click on link below to go to our newest web site, http://www.alternativeheatingandcoolingsolutions.com

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One Cool Fireplace mini split zone heating & zone cooling with Ambiance.