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We have (1) brand new Empyre Elite 200 V3 stainless steel indoor wood gasification boiler left in stock for a great price. Contact us today for more info.

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Empyre wood boiler parts and service. We have a full line of parts available for Pro Fab's Empyre series outdoor and indoor wood boilers. Contact us today for you wood boiler parts, (248) 681-7787 or email

Our Youtube site at has lots of videos that cover boiler information, boiler maintenance and alternative products to save you time and money.

We have a lot of years experience selling, installing, servicing and maintaining outdoor and indoor wood boilers. If you have and Empyre series wood boiler and you need parts or information please feel free to contact us at Alternative Energy Solutions.

Since Pro Fab closed it's doors on the Empyre wood boiler company many people have struggled to find the parts needed to maintain the Empyre outdoor and indoor wood boilers. Alternative Energy Solutions has most of the parts available in limited quantities at this time. So now is the time to order your spare or replacement parts while they are still available. Parts available by model are:

Empyre Elite; flue cleaning brushes,flue cleaning push rods and brushes, flue active cleaning tools, boiler controllers,boiler warning horns,over temp snap disc,temperature probe and wire, blower fans, limited fire brick, door seals, primary door insulation board, secondary door seal,secondary door insulation board,water treatment.

Empyre Deluxe & Cozyburn; boiler controller,over temp snap disc, replacement control panel,conversion from indicator lights to float level indicator, manual water level indicators,wiring harness,door seals,blower fan, blower solenoids,temp probe and wiring,water treatment.

Empyre Pro; blower fans for Pro200 & Pro400 models,temperature controller,over temp snap disc, Flue cleaning brush,flue cleaning push rods & brush, flue active cleaning tool, door seals, water treatment.

Empyre outdoor wood boilers can have many years of life left in them if properly maintained.