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The outdoor wood furnace available through Alternative Energy Solutions (248) 681-7787 has been refered to as: The Waterless Wood Furnace, Airstove, Outdoor Wood Furnace, Forced Hot Air Heating Wood Furnaces, Wood Burning Furnace, Wood Boiler Without Water.  All these are names people use for the Airstove manufactured by Hopsco Energy Products.  Scott, in Ohio,  the owner and designer of the outdoor wood furnace he likes to call the "Airstove", believes  in quality and customer satisfaction above all else. If you have used forced hot air heating you know it has down falls, cold air blows when it starts ect, not with the forced air heating with the Airstove.  It is a forced air heating system that heats "air" not water.  These outdoor wood furnaces come in 2 standard sizes and will heat buildings up to 4000 sq ft.  They come with a 5 Year complete 100% warranty and easy installation by using their installation hotline available 24/7.

                                              For video's about the Airstove go to "you tube" @
The outdoor Forced Air Wood furnace, "Waterless Wood Furnace", produced by Hopsco Energy Products comes in 3 models and are custom ordered by you to meet your exact heating needs. Our outdoor wood furnace that produces forced hot air heating is different from a boiler because it does not heat water, it heats air.  An "airstove" provides heat for you by radiating the heat from the fire through steel and trapping it inside a sealed chamber which is then  pressurized by a large blower, sending the hot air into your home, shop or business. Airstoves are very efficient and generally require less energy to heat air than it takes to heat water. These furnaces "heat air not water". The outdoor wood furnace keeps the mess outside, and the HEAT inside.

WE HAVING FINANCING AVAILABLE FOR YOUR NEW OUTDOOR WOOD FURNACE....CALL TODAY FOR MORE INFO..  (248) 681-7787 OR EMAIL  for forced air heating at it's best.For Most Asked Questions about the "AIRSTOVE" CLICK HERE
Our youtube site has lots of heating information and is @,com/woodheatmi
or call us at (248)681-7787

Waterless wood furnace (airstove) models:

Model ODF1000 (special order only) call for pricing

Model ODF1500 will heat up to 2800 sq ft and has 10-12 hour burn times.
MSRP $3500 *plus low cost shipping

Model ODF2000 heats up to 4000 sq ft and is capable of 12+ hours of run times
MSRP $4200 * plus low cost shipping

   ***  If you go to our Youtube site you can see our videos of the Airstove.

 "AIRSTOVE" >>>>>TUFF AS A BOXER....... special thanks to DEOGEE!!!! as seen in several of our youtube Airstove videos...

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Hopsco produces the wood furnace or better known as the outdoor wood furnace, waterless wood furnace or Airstove. These wood burning furnaces provide great heat at a low cost. As time goes on the process of heating homes with man made fuels will continue to raise, be prepared get your airstove today.

All Hopsco air furnaces' come with a
5 year complete warranty, 7 day service, installation assistance and warranty hotline. These units can be installed usually in 1 day by anyone with DIY/handyman talents. No underground digging required, no water pipes to run. With the outdoor air furnace you leave the mess, the  fire hazard OUTSIDE, and bring the HEAT INSIDE.
ASK FOR THE OUTDOOR WOOD FURNACE...... for forced air heating at it's best...

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 for more information please visit the manufactures web site(click HERE)

On the manufactures site click on the "technical video" section to view our Airstove videos

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